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Creative Spaces Book Tour Dates

by Ilani Fay on - 1 Comment

Poketo is coming to a city near you! Join Ted & Angie as they travel across the country to discuss their debut book CREATIVE SPACES, meet with artists...


by Ilani Fay on

CHIAOZZA’s work is immersive and makes you feel like you are in a different world. The way they view art is like life - it’s organic, evolving, additive, and...

Behind the Design: 100 Years of Bauhaus

by Ilani Fay on

Bauhaus has touched every aspect of culture, from the skyscrapers we see to the chairs we sit on. Entering its 100th year, Bauhaus is one of the most...

CREATIVE SPACES Artist Spotlight: Lily & Hopie Stockman

by ted vadakan on

Lily and Hopie are just two of the coolest, nicest, most down to earth people. Their kindness is infectious… hard to explain, but, a smile from Lily and...

CREATIVE SPACES Artist Spotlight: Windy Chien

by ted vadakan on

Windy Chien is a woman who has lived many, many lives in her lifetime. She was a record store owner, worked at Apple, and now most recently an...

CREATIVE SPACES Artist Spotlight: Adi Goodrich & Sean Pecknold

by ted vadakan on

Adi and Sean are two creatives featured in our upcoming book CREATIVE SPACES. They do everything from set design, direction, photography, animation for Nike, Target, Lyft, Fleet Foxes, and...

Take a Joy Ride with Poketo x Thousand

by Ilani Fay on

Whether you are trekking through your local cityscape or coasting through terrains and dunes, the Poketo x Thousand helmet collection honors that restless itch for adventure through art...


by Angie Myung on

With our debut book CREATIVE SPACES (published by Chronicle Books), we feature some of the most creative minds and talents that we've had the honor to call friends and collaborators.

Poketo Presents: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

by Ilani Fay on

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio is power couple Jean Lee and Dylan Davis. Aside from hosting their first solo exhibit and creating products together, they're also some of Poketo's...

Choosing the Perfect Houseplant with Léon & George

by Ilani Fay on - 1 Comment

Plants breathe life into our space, and if you're wondering how to bring some life into yours, Léon & George shares their process to help you best choose the perfect...