As we anticipate longer days and slowly rising temps, there’s nothing that embodies the hopefulness of spring better than the vivid colors and bold shapes of blooming plants and ripening fruits. The In Fruition collection incorporates happy, saturated hues and playful designs on our classic stationery and accessories to express the optimism of the season. We also took the opportunity to introduce some ingenious new products that are sure to be instant favorites. 

Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind the collection from our co-founder and Chief Creative Officer and get to know our newest additions...

Concept Planner Project Planner

Following the success of our fall 2019 collection, which was inspired by Bauhaus and focused on primary colors, we wanted to play off of colors we hadn’t used before that symbolize spring. We chose pretty mint, kelly green, soft coral, and an interesting shade of purple because we loved how they matched some of our favorite fruits, and the word ‘fruition’ came to mind! Just as farmers and gardeners earn the fruits of their labor by gathering their seasonal crops, we work hard in achieving our goals so our dreams come to fruition.” Angie Myung, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

Poketo Fruit Pins

“With this theme of fruits in mind, we played around and created some cute pins and hats. We also put the idea of being ‘in fruition’ into some of our classic pieces like our planners, notebooks, and even bookmarks.” - Angie Myung, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

Brass Pen Clips Prism Colored Pen

Our new Pen Clip Set is a brilliant take on our classic Shape Paper Clips. The new design allows you to snugly slide a pen on the page you’re saving so you can pick up right where you left off. They fit perfectly on our new fruit Object Notebooks and Simple Lined Notebooks

Magnet Shape Stand Tutti Frutti Postcard Pack

The new Shapes Magnet Stand and Wave Magnet Stand sets are a modern way to display the images that inspire and move you, no matter how often they change. Whether it’s a photo of your best friend, favorite artwork, or one of our Tutti Frutti Postcards, our magnet stands are the perfect support system.

Concept Planner Brass Bookmark

Flipping through your favorite cookbook and want a delectable way to mark your must-try recipes? Sounds like a job for our new fruit-shaped brass bookmarks, available in Pear or Banana. Our always-popular brass bookmarks are durable, beautiful, and bring a touch of art to any book or magazine.

If you’re finding all of this as mouth-watering as we do, check out the full collection or peruse our lookbook for more inspiration.