We designed our bestselling Project Planner to be as versatile as possible, allowing users to get creative with the different calendar, project, and note sections. But we thought it might be helpful for us to walk you through the planner’s features to get your creativity going.

Follow along to see all that the Project Planner can do for you:

Project Planner Yearly Section
If you’re a big picture thinker (or want to be more of one), this calendar is for you. An open-dated year is presented in one view so you can highlight, cross out, and notate to your heart’s content. 

Project Planner Monthly Calendar
The monthly calendars feature a goals column to help keep track of what you’re reaching for each month. Like all of the calendars in the Project Planner, the months are open-dated, so you can jump in at any point of the year. 

Project Planner Weekly SectionThe weekly plan pages allow you to set weekly goals, break down tasks by time, and create a checklist for yourself. Because there’s no better feeling than checking a row of those little blank boxes at the end of a day. 

Project Planning

If you’re wondering why we named this all-purpose planner the Project Planner, here’s your answer. There’s space for 100 projects in the planner, allowing you to narrow each project down with tasks, timelines, and space to visually track your progress by shading (may we suggest our Accent Double Tip Highlighters to do the job?). 

Project Planner Process Notes Section
Whether it’s a project, task, idea, R&D, meeting, or something else, the planner provides a section for you to record it all in one place. Even if it doesn’t fall into a neat category, this is the spot to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. 

Project Planner Notes Section
Because having extra lined pages always comes in handy. The notes section means the Project Planner can be your go-to for all of your ideas, reminders, musings, or sketches.