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by Angie Myung on

With our debut book CREATIVE SPACES (published by Chronicle Books), we feature some of the most creative minds and talents that we've had the honor to call friends and collaborators.

Walking Down Memory Lane.

by Angie Myung on

We can hardly believe that we've just turned 18 years old. As a celebration of our adulthood, we want to take you on a memory lane of Poketo's...

Aye Hasegawa, Dancer Turned Jewelry Designer

by Angie Myung on

We first met Aye Hasegawa, a professional dancer turned jewelry maker, a few years ago through her then fiancee, now husband, Shaun Evaristo, a renowned professional dancer/choreographer for many...

Reflection about the year from Ted, Poketo CEO

by Angie Myung on

New Years Day, 2020, Angie and I were traveling in Cambodia visiting the ancient and magnificent sites of Angkor Wat. We rode on a tuk-tuk at 4am to...

Project Planning

by Angie Myung on

We designed our bestselling Project Planner to be as versatile as possible, allowing users to get creative with the different calendar, project, and note sections. But we thought...

Wrapped Up: Furoshiki Cloth Tutorial

by Angie Myung on

One of the most exciting parts about our new bento box collaboration with Takenaka is that it’s more than just bento boxes. The collection also includes coordinating chopstick...

The Takenaka x Poketo Bento Box Collection (and recipes to go with it)

by Angie Myung on

From the moment we began to design our exclusive bento box collaboration with Takenaka, we were hungry for all of the tasty meals we would be putting inside...

How We’re Getting Vocal About Voting

by Angie Myung on

Though time seems to be a fuzzy concept these days, there’s one date this year that’s clearly etched in our brains: Tuesday, November 3—Election Day. Voting is a...

Meet The Quarterly Goal Planner

by Christina Page on

Studies show that a quarterly window is ideal for setting and accomplishing both professional and personal goals. It’s long enough to really see results, but short enough to...

Actions Speak Louder

by ted vadakan on

To the Poketo community: We wanted to let you know that in support of justice and equity for Black communities, we have made donations to Black Lives Matter,...