Turkish Pestemal Towel in Blue

  • A pestemal (pesh-te-mahl) is the traditional towel used in the legendary Turkish baths. Hand-woven using 100% Turkish cotton by traditional methods and dyed with vegetable dyes, pestemal is famous for its absorbency and softness. Perfectly suited for everyday use and a great escape from the typical terry cloth towel. Compact and lightweight, it is a perfect for travels, picnics, and beaches. We also love using it as a tablecloth, picnic blanket, a light throw, or even as a beautiful shawl. 
  • Made in Turkey. Measuring roughly 62-70" x 40" ( 178 x 102 cm). Hand-loomed from 100% white Turkish cotton and all-natural vegetable dyes. Machine wash in warm water with like colors. Tumble dry on low for best results.

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