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Seconds Sale Surprise Project Planner

$24.00 $38.00
With all the same features for your scheduling and plans, our discounted sample sale planners are the same bestselling planners you know and love with some small imperfections and some might have loose straps. 

To spice things up, we'll surprise you with one of our most popular colors! 

Our powerful Project Planner is back in bold new colors and updated features to help you map, organize, and finish projects on time. It now has room for over 100 projects, each broken down into concise task lists and monthly timelines. Open-dated yearly, monthly and weekly sections encourage you to set goals and see them through, and a new process notes section provides space to jot down ideas, meeting points, to-dos, and more. Smyth Sewn binding lies flat when open and a durable, fabric-like cover with an elastic band holds it all together.

Final Sale. No Returns or Exchanges.

  • Smyth Sewn binding
  • 160 pages
  • 11.9" x 8.4" (21.3 cm x 30.2 cm)
  • Yearly, monthly, weekly, project plan, process notes, and notes sections

  • Love for the Project Planner:
    The monthly and weekly sections help me to prioritize my goals, organize my tasks, and avoid getting sidetracked. – Bonnie Tsang, Photographer @bonnietsang

    I bought every single one of my team members the Project Planner and they say it has truly changed their worlds. When it comes to planners, size does matter! We love how much room there is to write and how it inspires us to be more organized. 
    - Sonja Rasula, Ceo & Founder of Unique @sonjarasula

    Oh, this planner is life-changing! I have memos and notes in my bag, on my cell phone on my desk. It was all scattered!! But I love how I’m finally putting it in one place. I really love how I can see my month in one place. And the ‘project plan’ was what really sold me when I saw your stories. I’ve come across planners that were lacking something or having too much. This is the whole package in the simplest form. Perfect for me! - Silbia Ro, @CamelliaFiberCompany

    LOVE these planners
    I bought 3 of these project planners after I found them in a small stationery shop I visited in LA and I'm fully committed to the brand. I love that they open flat, I love that you fill out the months as you go. I love the little elastic wrap-around strap for tucking important papers inside. I use the calendar area and project zones to help coordinate my custom work, but when I taught an art class, I also used the notes section in the back for lesson plans and grading! It just helps me keep all my thoughts and commitments in the same spot. Thank you for making such a great product that will do its job, look nice, and hold up to everyday wear and tear! – Laura

    This planner is the all-in-one I needed for my projects. I used to have multiple post-its on my old notebooks to set up as reminders for each weekly/daily task but this has allowed me to track them by color coding and seeing multiple projects all at once. - Melissa Acedera, Project Manager @mellmusic

    It has only been 10 days into the journal and already I am noticing a change in my life. Many years have gone by where my resolutions and goals didn’t make it past President’s day, but this year somehow feels different. The simple act of putting my ideas and goals to paper has already made an impact. - @settledownphl

    Upon a promotion at work, I had to start juggling multiple projects. This planner has been my lifesaver. I am able to organize my daily tasks as well as see multiple monthly overviews to break down each project. I can't imagine another planner that could suit my needs better. Y'all have a project planner user for life. - Alyssa

    Awesome Scheduler!
    Love the feel of the paper, the fact that I don't feel like I'm wasting any pages (by writing in my own months/weeks), and the size (not many beautifully designed planners coming in at 11.9"x8.4")! - Emily

    Excellent Planner for Designers + General Contractors!!
    I am a residential general contractor and designer in NYC and I bought this planner to keep me organized for work. It's the best planner I've ever used and I ended up buying them for my project managers and husband who is also in construction!! It has separate sections for everything I need. Love this and will be addicted until they stop making it! - Meredith Still

    I've finally found my dream planner!
    I. Adore. This. Planner. I'm a freelance artist with too many projects often on my plate. I'm also a bit of a serial planner-hopper. Jumping from planner to planner, because none of them truly tick all of my planner boxes. This is everything I never knew I needed! Minimalist design, plenty of space to write, plan, and take notes. The project planning section is a real game-changer, and I'd recommend any self-employed or small business owner purchase this just for that section alone. My only complaint is, it'd be nice to have a folder in the back to hold papers. I plan on coming back to get the folio to solve this problem, but it is quite expensive for both. Just something to keep in mind before buying. The pages are ideal for use with gel pen inks and high lighters. – Erika