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Oimu Incense in Fig

Produced in cooperation with a traditional Korean incense factory, Oimu incense sticks are the product of an effort to revive the Korean tradition of burning incense in the home. With a modern take on scent and packaging, Oimu succeeds in creating a fresh twist on an age-old tradition.

Established in 2015 in Seoul, Korea,
Oimu is a studio that believes in design as a means of bridging the past and present. Oimu seeks to pave the way for reviving the forgotten cultural values, crafts, and industries of Korea with modern takes on traditional incense and emblems of good fortune.

Fits perfectly in the Ball Incense Holder

  • Made in Korea
  • Wood flour, root of an elm, cornstarch, pine resin, and fragrance oil
  • 3.75" long
  • Burn time: 15 minutes