Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles Horchata Popcorn Miso & Sesame MAST Chocolate Los Angeles Collection MAST Chocolate Los Angeles Collection

MAST Chocolate Los Angeles Collection

  • A love letter to Los Angeles. Celebrating exceptional local ingredients with artwork by sisters, Hopie & Lily Stockman of Block Shop Textiles.

    Los Angeles Blend: With artwork by Poketo in a past collaboration with Block Shop Textiles, this LA-inspired bar is made with a 76% caco blend and features beans from Madagascar, Tanzania, and Peru.

    Horchata: Based on many Angelenos' drink of choice, this bar combines cinnamon, sugar, and rice with Tanzanian beans for a solid, roasted tone.

    Miso & Seasame: Reflecting the flavors of LA's Little Tokyo, this bar pairs Peruvian beans with miso paste and black sesame for a complex, savory sweetness.

    Popcorn: From the heart of Hollywood, this bar features popcorn kernels infused with buttermilk and a blend of cane and brown sugar, with just a dash of salt.

  • Founded by Rick and Michael Mast in Williamsburg in 2007, Mast Brothers Chocolate has been on the cutting edge of the craft food movement since the start. The Mast Brothers’ intensely flavored chocolate is made from cacao pods sourced from small farms in Ecuador, Madagascar, and Venezuela and cane sugar-- absolutely no chemicals are used, unlike most chocolate bars on the market. Each bar is wrapped in gold foil and thick Italian paper in vintage-inspired patterns, making it the perfect gift.

  • Made in Brooklyn, NY. May contain traces of milk and nuts. 70g (2.5 oz.) bars. Each sold separately.

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