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A New Leaf Lookbook

A New Leaf full collection

From the cold of winter comes the chance to grow and turn over a new leaf. Our spring stationery collection is our brightest and boldest yet. With natural forms and colorful shapes, our line celebrates the ideas, passions, and expressions inside us that are ready to burst forth onto the page and come to fruition.

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A New Leaf concept planner close up

Concept Planner

Our classic Concept Planner comes in fresh new colors that reinvigorate and transform thinkers into doers. Flexible open-dated schedule modules for daily, weekly, and yearly plans and sections for notes and to-dos integrates inspiration into action.


A New Leaf object notebooks

Object Notebook

Crowned with abstract designs, blank page notebooks are blank canvases that encourage us to let our creative sides loose and let our minds play.


A New Leaf project planner close up

Project Planner

With room to plan over 100 projects and a process notes section for ideas, meeting points, and to-dos, the Project Planners in new colors inspire and anchor organic growth.


A New Leaf simple lined notebook close up

Simple Lined Notebook

Every great idea was first a seedling of a thought. Explore the forest of your mind and plant your words on paper for big-picture thinking of your next masterpiece.


Large minimalist folios detail shot

Large Minimalist Folio

Our new Large Minimalist Folio is made of sleek vegan leather and designed to fit all the tools for a creative on the go. It’s double the size of our Medium Folio to carry a 13” laptop, a Project Planner, a phone as large as an iPhone Plus, cards, pens, and more.


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perennial wall planner and lucite poster frame

Wall Planner / Shape Stickies / Lucite Poster Frame

A timeless look at all your appointments, works-in-progress, and achievements in full view. The playful designs and shapes echo the natural ebb and flow of time gently passing.


A New Leaf rainbow accordion folder detail shot

Accordion Pro Filer

This organizational tool has 12 vibrant subfolders to organize and consolidate all the layers and shades of your life. From your bills and other important documents to mood board inspiration, this sturdy folder expands, contracts, and adapts...


A New Leaf shape block notes detail shot

Block Notepads

Be ready to capture those unexpected moments. Whether it's urgent to-dos or wandering daydreams, our notes provide space for anything that might come your way.


Project wall planner detail shot

Project Wall Planner

We took what you love about our Project Planner and made it big -- really big. You can track up to 36 different projects or take on one massive project, together, with an eagle-eye view of tasks, timelines, and goals for your whole team.

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A New Leaf pocket folders and organic shape clips

Pocket Folder Set / Brass Shape Clips

These intrepid accessories will hold down the fort and store what’s important to you while you go out there to create, inspire, and make a change.

Abstract flora postcards and lucite shape holders

Lucite Shape Stands / Flora Postcards

From wild poppies to the small leaves peeking through sidewalk cracks, nature creeps in our ordinary every day. These items reflect the subtle beauty that surrounds us always and add a touch of nature to any room.

A New Leaf slim pens

Slim Pens

Our classic Slim Pens are updated in bright, bold colors to reflect your unique and authentic natural self.

A New Leaf minimalist folios pen pouch envelope wallet

Minimalist Collection

Our minimalist collection in sleek vegan leather rounds up your notepads, pens, and other necessities so you can whip out what you need when you need them. The Small Folio can store a notepad, pen, and cards, while the Medium Folio, which complements the Concept Planner, fits all of that plus a phone as big as an iPhone Plus. Both come with a notebook ready for you to take on your closer-than-you-think dreams.

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Turn Over a New Leaf