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The Next Page

The Next Page Collection

 Introducing: A Shift in Focus

Inspired by a time of transition, the Next Page collection explores the way change opens up new possibilities. Start a project. Make a plan. Get organized as you look upward to the next objective. Whatever your ambitions may be, our new line of goal-oriented stationery is with you every step of the way.



 With room for 100 future projects, each broken down into task lists and timelines, have fun and get inspired for the future as you plan things out in yearly, monthly and weekly sections.



 Brandishing playful geometric shapes and four beautiful colors, this notebook looks professional and understated without sacrificing bold, fun design.



Poketo The Next Page Concept Planners This personal planner lets you record all of your brilliant ideas and schedule and accomplish your goals in yearly, monthly and weekly sections.


 With sharp, contoured lines, this notepad lets you think outside the box as you keep your thoughts, memos and sketches clear, concise and colorful.



Poketo The Next Page Weekly Keyboard Pads an desk sets

 With pop-out days and drop-down lists, this keyboard pad resembles a digital interface while providing an analogue space to get creative in as you hand-write your weekly plans.



Poketo The Next Page Daily Desk Pad Featuring hourly sections, you can order and arrange your whole schedule from morning to evening with plenty of room left in the margins for whatever else comes up.



Poketo The Next Page Gel Pens The bold colors and sharp patterns of these smooth-glide gel roller pens will help liven up your desk and bring your workspace some design sensibility.



Poketo The Next Page Golden Ratio Stickies An elegant set of sticky notes in four sizes, inspired by the ratio that’s been the cornerstone of art and design for centuries.



Angie Myung quote

 Creative Direction ANGIE MYUNG | Art Direction EMILY SUZANNE MCDONALD & LY TRAN

Photography EMILY SUZANNE MCDONALD | Photography Assistant JANET LIM | Product & Graphic Design LY TRAN