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A celebration of the light that brightens up our lives every day, our new collection is inspired by the way it reflects and refracts as it interplays with different surfaces and materials. This mesmerizing set of desk supplies and stationery is designed to catch the light and bring its glowing warmth into the workplace.



With an eye-catching gold or holographic finish, this 128-page lined notebook is perfect for taking notes, doodling, and documenting those creative ideas.



With flecks of color and gold leaf accents, this hardcover blank-paged notebook is ready to be filled up with ideas, plans, notes and everything in between.



 These vibrant notepads and checklists let you jot down your daily reminders and to-dos against a background of soft, ambient hues.



 In light gray with striking brass accents, and terrazzo with flecks of silver, our classic Daily Weekly Monthly Planner is now available with an updated interior to cover all 365 days of the year.




Featuring designs inspired by the play of light, show off the story of your year with this poster-sized open-dated planner.



As beautiful as it is functional, this clean-cut acrylic desk set will stylize your workspace with its simplified design and gleaming metallic details.



Cast in solid brass, this sleek ballpoint pen and ruler are your go-to supplies for any moment’s notice.



In four iconic shapes, this set of 8 brass clips is the perfect way to give your most important papers a sense of artful distinction.



Perfect for any celebration, this three-sheet pack of colorful wrapping paper lets you fold up your gifts in your choice of glowing light, prismatic shapes or stylish terrazzo.