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Art Speaks


At Poketo, we believe that art speaks volumes and has the power to unite and inspire
change. We designed the Art Speaks collection with the idea that art is inclusive,
incorporating all forms and colors, and unifying them in a way that creates a stronger and
more meaningful message.


  We encourage you to speak up for your beliefs by writing a postcard to your elected officials.
With each pin or pencil pack purchase, you will receive a free pack of Art Speaks postcards.

Find your congressperson in the House of Representatives here:

Find your senators here:

  Select your donation amount by choosing from three different prices. For every Art
Speaks product sold, Poketo is proud to match and donate 100% of proceeds to the
American Civil Liberties Union.




Join us as we continue to match and donate our #ARTSPEAKS proceeds to the ACLU Nationwide.