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A New Angle

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Our newest collection supports fresh perspectives, powerful frameworks, and progress from the ground up. These beautiful and strategic tools will provide a strong foundation as you plan and build your own creative expansion.


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A new angle collection Concept planner close up

Concept Planner

Our bestselling Concept Planner is back in bold new colors to encourage goal-oriented and idea-driven scheduling.

A new angle collection project planner close up

Project Planner

We updated our powerful Project Planner to make room for over 100 projects, and added a new process notes section for ideas, meeting points, to-dos and more.

miniature people figurines with stationery

“The theme of this collection came about while traveling, and seeing great architecture like the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin for the first time. The Bauhaus belief of uniting the creativity and utility of art in everyday life is our ethos at heart.”

Angie Myung, Creative Director



Art in progress sketchbook and lucite tools

Artwork In Progress Sketchbook  /  Lucite Rulers

Enhance your workflow with functional and visually captivating tools like a versatile sketchbook and lucite rulers. A perfect fit for the artist in you.

Architecture notebooks and lucite bookend

Architecture Notebooks

Inspired by visionary architects Ricardo Bofil and Luis Baragan, the La Muralla and Casa Estudio notebooks encourage you to look up and take in the beauty around you.



concept planners and lucite bookends

Lucite Arc Bookends

A striking addition to your mantle or shelf, these lucite bookends form a crystal clear arc that reflects the colors around them.


“The design for this collection was influenced by architecture on a number of levels: from basic structural elements to the more specific colors and shapes of the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements.”
Ly Tran, Designer

tower block notes

Tower Block Notes

Perfect for jotting down a reminder and adding it to your planner or notebook, towering colorblock notes feature a rich spectrum of hues.

LA architecture postcards structure clips lucite frames

LA Architecture Postcards  /  Structure Clips  /  Lucite Photo Frame

Postcards pay homage to our favorite Los Angeles architectural landmarks, like the Eames House and The Broad. They look especially striking with our new binder clips and lucite frames.


lucite block calendar animation

“I wanted to capture that feeling you get when you visit somewhere new and you feel engulfed by it.”
– Rodolfo Carlos, Photographer

2019 art calendar eliosa iturbe

2019 Art Calendar

Designer Eloisa Iturbe created the art for our 2019 calendar. Her use of angles, light, and shadow felt like the perfect complement to the collection.


Let your creative expansion begin.



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