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Meghan Shimek Wall Hanging in Cloud for Poketo

Crafted by hand using traditional Navajo weaving techniques, each unique wall hanging is a beautiful study in color, texture and organic movement. With rich, natural blues in stark contrast to soft white, this particular palette is peaceful and contemplative, the wool roving billowing like a river across the piece.

Meghan Shimek is a weaver, fiber artist, and tarot reader living and working in Oakland, California. Having studied several weaving techniques including tapestry weaving with Tricia Goldberg, Navajo weaving, rigid heddle loom, and floor loom weaving, she has been teaching weaving workshops for over 2 years across the United States. Inspired by loss, movement, healing and the acknowledgment of uncomfortable feelings, she integrates the natural beauty of her surroundings into every weaving.

  • 16" x 16" (40.6 cm x 40.6 cm) Wool roving, copper hanger.