Hand Dipped Taper Candles

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There's nothing more classic than elegant taper candles on a tabletop. The delectable hues give these hand-dipped, unscented tapers a fun Poketo twist. They're the perfect complement to our glass candlestick holders.

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Note: Taper candles come in a standard size width. In order to get a proper fit in a candle holder, the width may have to be sized down. One way to try first: run the bottom of the candle under hot water to soften the wax and allow it to mold to its new surroundings. Second: whittle the wax base with a paring knife and stop when it is narrow enough for the candle holder.

  • Set of 2
  • Hand-dipped in Maine
  • Unscented Dripless beeswax blend
  • 10.5 hour burn time
  • 13" (33 cm)