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Concept Planner in Clay

Our bestselling Concept Planner is back in bold new colors to encourage goal-oriented and idea-driven scheduling. There’s designated space for your goals and ideas at the start of each open-dated yearly, monthly and weekly section, plus plenty of room for notes and to-do lists. Smyth Sewn binding lies flat when open and a durable, fabric-like cover is built to last.
  • FSC Chain of Custody Certified paper
  • Smyth Sewn binding
  • 252 pages
  • 8.3" x 5.8" (21 cm x 14.8 cm)
  • Yearly, monthly, weekly, and notes sections

  • Love for the Concept Planner:
    The Concept Planner is the best planner I’ve ever had. I love that the week is split up into two different open-page layouts so there's actually room to write to-dos and schedule. It's the way I used to physically draw out my agenda on paper. – Minna Lee, Wellness Blogger @livingminnaly

    Quality planner - solid pages, sleek, clean, and perfect amount of space. Also, great customer service! - Anna Rugloski

    This is the first planner I’ve used consistently. I’m on my third one now! The flexibility and generosity of the concept planner cannot be understated: yearly, monthly and weekly views with ample space, free from the tyranny of pre-assigned dates so that you can pick back up wherever you left off without the guilt of having wasted pages. I use it daily to manage my production schedule and I keep the information I need to access regularly in the extra pages at the back. Its design is lovely and minimal and it holds up incredibly well - weathering the water, clay, and dust of a small ceramics studio. - Niki

    I love that the planner is blank so I can go in and fill in the dates/months myself. This means significantly less waste and it's customizable to my needs—unlike traditional planners. It's also the most perfect + compact size :-) – Sasha

    I got all 4 colors!
    I love these planners SO much that I bought every color available. Call me nuts, but I like how they look stacked up on a shelf together and I like to think I'll have 4 years of plans ahead of me. I had the Project Planner before this and switched to the Concept this year bc of the size. Functionally, they're pretty similar! (Minus the Projects section) but I wanted a slightly smaller one so I would be more apt to carry it with me in my bag. Their planners are the key to running my business because I'm so reliant on writing things down. I glean my understanding of time by filling up the calendar and literally seeing how many spots are filled. Plus, the notes section in the back is PERFECT for lists. AND the outsides are pretty tough, kind of like satin-finished linen? - I can't recommend it enough. – Laura

    So happy to purchase from a smaller, more artisan stationery company. The concept planner is the best I’ve ever used - it’s everything a type A personality could ask for. I will never use another planner! – Jacklyn Thompson

    I've been using this planner for the past couple of years and it is perfect to keep track of my busy schedule. I love the monthly and daily views, the space to track weekly goals, and the ability to customize the dates. It also holds up amazingly well! It's become a January ritual for me to set time aside to fill in the dates and reflect on my goals for the coming year. Love it! – Stephanie

    This planner was my first purchase from Poketo, and it is AWESOME!! I love the layout that helps you track your goals from a high level to the actions you’ll take to get there. The book facilitates you thinking about what you want to accomplish in the year, then in the month, and then in the week. I’ve really enjoyed setting weekly goals for myself that support my long-term goals! The book itself is adorable. I wouldn’t change anything. I always start using a planner in the new year and then can’t keep up with it. I think this one is going to change that. But even if I can’t keep up with it, it’s not dated so I can always just pick it back up again anytime! This is a seriously great planner! – Cat

    Awesome planner. Just got it today and it looks amazing. Contacted customer service about a small issue and they wrote back right away and fixed the issue with no delay. Great company, great product. Definitely worth the money and shipped fast! Thanks again, can’t wait to finally plan things better in this awesome planner! - Matthew Lowe


    This is the planner I’ve used for the last 5 years now. It’s carried me through graduate school and my first four years of being a speech therapist. I’m obsessed and so grateful I haven’t missed any meetings! - Marie

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