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Your Wish Comes True, Poketo x FriendsWithYou!!

Did it really take our 7 years of Poketo to finally make your wish come true? Or is it just perfect timing? We are super excited to announce our first wallet collaboration with the magical, FriendsWithYou! The Poketo x FriendsWithYou collaboration comes right in time for Toronto’s Luminato Arts Festival where FriendsWithYou will transform all of Toronto into a magical playground.

FWY will be incorporating multiple larger-than-life, inflatable installations of their characters and imbuing the city with Magic, Luck, and Friendship. Poketo delivers this magic with the limited edition Wish Come True Poketo Wallet Series in four designs. Get Buddy Chub, Rainbow City, Rainbow King, and Mush Love now at Poketo!

Stay tuned, we’ll be posting more exclusive goodness from the FWY crew including a very fun, fun, fun interview!

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