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You chimed in, here it is!

I posted this pic on Instagram and Facebook last week and asked you, our fans, which do you like? Left or right? Hundreds of you chimed in, most with a definitive left or right, and many with very thoughtful responses and reasonings why you like one over the other. I absolutely loved everything you guys had to say.

Which do you like... Left or right?

ccjao says, “Left! Ends in an upward trajectory :)”

hhpwang says, “right feels more self-assured to me.”

Misako says, “Left! That’s more Poketo!”

Shelly says, “The one on the left makes me feel uncomfortable; I understand where you’re trying to go with pairing the text with the angle of the triangles, but it isn’t working; especially because it does not continue the line you’re trying to visually connnect between the graphic and the text. At the least, the text should bleed off in the right hand corner to give the appearance of an infinite line”

Lee says, “The logo, is a a shape/object oriented font base, its almost like an illustrative type style. The brand is unconventional. The right is boring, the left is interesting. If you can’t read the left, and it makes you feel uncomfortable, it means it’s doing something to activate your perception. That’s a good thing.”

ledouxville says, “Go left or go home!”

One person asked, “what is this for?” … Well, here you go!

Double official!! #poketo #artsdistrict

I think it came out pretty killer. Huge props to Justin and Kagan over at the KnowHow ShopLA for pulling off another awesome brand element for the Poketo store! And in direct response to Ledouxville above…. I am not going home!

Poketo Sidewalk Sign-2

Poketo Sidewalk Sign-3

Poketo Sidewalk Sign-5

Poketo Sidewalk Sign-6

Come and visit us!

Poketo Store
820 E. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA

Mon-Fri: 12-7pm
Sat-Sun: 11-7pm

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