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We love Neko Case

The readers of the blog will know how much we adore the singer song-writer, Neko Case. The coolest thing is that our love is mutual. Whenever we come out with new shirts, she’s one of the very first people to order them.

Photo by Matt Parish

About 4 years ago, I remember getting repeated orders from someone named Neko Case. I thought…huh, could this be the same Neko Case? So I emailed her back, “Hi Neko, Thanks so much for your continued support. Just wondering, Is Neko Case your name, like the singer? You probably get that a lot…=)”

To my surprise, she emailed right back and said, “Hi Angie, the shirts I received were so great that I ordered the new ones. ( I’m wearing one right now!!! ) And yes, I get that a lot because I am one in the same. In fact the t-shirts are coming in so handy because I’m on tour and they are so soft and comfy ( I get loads of compliments, and pass on your info…..) and I need a bunch cause I never get to do laundry. So thanks to you folks for keeping me comfy AND sanitary on tour. take care and I’ll keep checking for your new designs”

How cool is that?

Last year, we went to her show at the Greek, and we almost fell when we saw her coming on stage in one of our shirts! Ted had to stop me from screaming.

Photo by KCRW

Well, we’ve got a big surprise for you guys coming your way for those who love Neko Case as much as we do. We’re collaborating on something really cool and awesome together. I can’t wait to share with you all!

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