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Village Life and Beyond

Echo Park, the neighborhood we live in is a little village. You can walk down the street, grab a taco, a beer at El Prado, catch shows at The Echo, and in that short time, run into old and new friends. The kind of running into that you wouldn’t think happens in vast Los Angeles…. car honks, “Hey Ted and Angie!”… we got that a couple of times this weekend from our friends Frosty and Dublab and Marc at Seso.

Even in a packed club, checking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, realize we are standing by an electronic friend that turns into real friend, Jon Setzen of LA’s Creative Mornings. Those beeps and honks, those coincidental encounters on the street turned into some adventures over the weekend… they remind us of what life is in the real world. As much as I love the global, online village, I absolutely, truly love the real world village.

Tennis at The Echo

A run in with Marc of Seso turned into a beer and a bike ride the next day up to Angeles National Forest. I must tell you, I am not an endurance biker just yet, but want to get myself there someday. I love biking so when Marc (a triathlete) invited me on this ride, I took it up. I could at least learn from a pro. Let me tell you, it was border line crazy. 62 miles total, about half of that uphill, it almost killed me. We got to elevations where there were “Icy” signs! When we get to the top at sunset, the road we planned to get us back down was closed due to floods and fires. So, imagine this, two bikers, on a narrow, winding, near desolate canyon road, occasional speeding cars zipping by (probably thinking, are they crazy?)… pitch black, only the new moon to guide us… we laughed the whole way down in fear…. when we got to civilization… you have no idea…. but, it was all worth the adventure. Love life in the LA village.

Only because I’m very proud, here are the stats.

Total Distance: 62.55 miles
Top Speed: 40.4 mph
Calories Burned: 5,600
Total Elevation Gain: 4,485 ft
Start Elevation: 657 ft
Max Elevation: 3445 ft

In Village life, chilling too is a way of life. Nori excels at this.

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