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Treeson, Crazy Label and other stories


When we were in Hong Kong last month, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet the madness behind Crazy Label, proprietor Andy Woo. It was great to hear his story and how he got Crazy Label started. A former Mattel man, he stepped out of the corporate toy world and set off on his own. His one goal, produce toys and work with artists he loved. Plain and simple. No formula behind the toys that come out of Crazy Label, the only one rule is that Andy has to love it.


Illustrator and now toy designer, Bubi Au Yeung, was the first artist on the Crazy Label Roster. She was the first and continues to do more and more, Treeson being her main character. Apparently, it took many sculptors and versions before getting Bubi’s Treeson character just right. Some of the best in the industry couldn’t quite capture the vibe and many 3-d renderings were scrapped.

Andy Woo, a close friend of Bubi gave it a shot and got it right the first time! Mind you, Andy has no formal toy sculpting training… he just got sculpting clay and figured it out. His vibe was just right with Treeson–a cute, cuddly, heart broken character. It goes to show, sometimes a little love does the trick.

Still a boutique company, Crazy Label aims high collaborating with top designers like Peskimo, APAK, TADO, and more. We are stoked to have some Crazy Label toys available at Check them out!!



I love this blue Monster Burp from Peskimo! We also have the glow in the dark version!!


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