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Thomas Campbell’s movie “The Present” premier & Art show March 27 and 28

We got this long message from Thomas last night. Hope you guys can read and understand this message. Don’t worry. We sum it up nicely for you at the end.


- – - – - – - -
thomas campbell here ,,,,i am scribbling to you guys to let know that my new film “The Present” is going to be playing in san francisco this weekend,, at the victoria theatre in s.f. this saturday at 7pm and 9pm,tommy guerrero and the mattson 2 will be doing a small set together before each showing,,,it’s been a long time comin,,this one has taken us almost 5 years at a slow pace,,,,and it’s feelin good gettin it out there to the people,,so excited for you guys to see it,,,,..also,,, i got a bunch of friends to make silkscreen,woodblock and linoleum prints,,,relating to the movie as well some photographs from the making of the film and there will be an
art show on friday from 7 to 10pm at mollusk surfshop in s.f—tommy guerrero,matt rodriguez and house will be jammin it out for your ears,,,,,the prints turned out really neat and the are very affordable,,support the art dudes and dudets,,,,,,,,,anyway,,hope to see some of you guys and gals out there,,,,i think the movie screenings will be quite packed,,so grab a hot ticket,,,,,,,,, ,,but maybe let people that might be interested know about the Mollusk art show,,,not sure how many people know about that jammy———————-
- – - – - – - – - -

“The Present”
Art show, “Yar” with performance by Tommy Guerrero & Matt Rodriguez
Friday(tonight), March 27, 7 PM-10 PM
Mollusk Surfshop

participants in”YAR” the show:
evan hecox
peter mcbride
steve keene
andy davis
kyle field
alex kopps
nathaniel russell
jesse ledoux
john mccambridge
johanna st. clair
serena mitnik-miller
thomas campbell
tiffany campbell
scott soens,
devon howard

Thomas Campbell’s Movie, “Present” premiere
Saturday, March 28, 7 PM & 9 PM
Victoria Theater, San Francisco

For more info, visit here

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