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The New Face of Business Cards

Ever since I first watched the memorable business card scene from American Psycho, I became obsessed with business card design.

American Psycho – Business Card from Oz is Over the Rainbow on Vimeo.

While I still appreciate the beauty of the classic off-white business card, there are so many beautifully inconsistent, hand-written, uniquely shaped business cards that have morphed into an extension of one’s personal identity rather than profession. Personally, I’ve started my own collection of business cards myself. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite designs from the business card flickr page:

World reknown Bouchon restaurant in Napa Valley with beautiful and understated industrial text.


Graphic designer, Jose Antonio Contreras had a lot of fun designing his card.


Burgers deserve cards too!


Beautifully imperfect, delicate, handcrafted


Looks like a travel/ ticket tag done in the early 1900′s


The burnt edge is a nice touch

Burnt Fireball

The art of surprise is hard to achieve!


Fabric tags for a t-shirt company


*Sigh* A number worth remembering


More can be seen here!

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