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The Gumdrop Project

Gum is a great quasi-food that keeps our mouths salivated and satisfied. But elsewhere, gum litter poses a huge headache for urban sprawls. In Britain alone, the cost it takes to rid the streets of gum is $230 million dollars–3 times more than what is spent on gum itself. So 25-year-old design student, Anna Bullus spent four months in a laboratory testing different ways of creating plastic polymer made of recycled gum; thus spawned the Gumdrop Bin Project. Sprinkled around the streets of central London are bright and buoyant bins that encourage pedestrians to recycle their gum.

The gum collected from these bins are then mixed with secret additives to form a new plastic that Bullus is planning to transform into innovative products like memory foam-like seat cushions called the Chewy Pad:

Can’t wait to see these in Los Angeles!

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