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The Future Today, our lecture at UCSD

Yesterday, we gave a talk to a Communications and Culture class taught by Professor Lisa Cartwright at University of California San Diego. UCSD is Angie’s Alma Mater and Communications was her major so presenting a lecture in the same room that she sat in was an amazing experience, especially for Angie.

We presented in a nutshell, the first 8 years of Poketo in 3 chapters: The Origin, Brand Building, and Future. We shared the lessons learned as well as funny anecdotes stemming from our naivete and inexperience. After all, we started Poketo with no prior business knowledge or experience. Students asked us some poignant questions after the lecture and after the class we had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with a small group of students to have some one on one time and talk more in depth about the topics we discussed.

They were bright eyed, hungry, and even a little bit uneasy. I say uneasy because I remember being in their shoes, about to graduate from college not knowing what the future held. But will we ever know what the future holds? And if we did, would we find it exciting? I told them not to worry too much, just do what their heart told them to do. I’m not sure they were convinced by the answer. I wouldn’t have been either at their age. We also gave some practical advices in trying to look for an internship and so on. But I’m not worried about them. They were smart, passionate, and ambitious. I have no doubt that they will rule the world some day. Here’s to your bright futures!

This is Cindy… she’s a dancer. She just got back from Southeast Asia, traveling with a band, dancing for them… and got to work for some NGO’s she’s passionate about.

Connie is trilingual and she will be running the world shortly. She wants to get into art curation and is working with Videotage, a new media collective in Hong Kong.

Melanie is a connector… she wants to hook us up with her sister who is producing music shows with underground bands in Williamsburg. She also is a maker, using a torch and vinyl records to make new things.

Trinity blows me a away. Only in high school, she assists Professor Lisa Cartwright in research. I wish I could have been that smart.

Basil is a video guru… currently interning and making videos for Current TV!

Ellis is a photographer with his own photography business.

Jen is working at an independently owned cupcake lounge and cooking school here in La Jolla. She wants to coordinate shows in the lounge space and is tapping us to be part of it. Wow!

Nancy is a member of the business fraternity here at UCSD… she’s going to make her own business side position at Poketo… we would love a business intern!

Joe is the most articulate young man I’ve ever met. He should’ve coached us through the lecture.

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