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Talking Design with the Los Angeles Design Festival

Los Angeles Design Festival kicks off this Friday! A two-week-long celebration of design in Los Angeles, the festival includes design tours, studio sales, exhibitions, and of course an opening night party. We chatted with the LA Design Festival about the future of design in Los Angeles and what makes the city stand apart.

LADF: Is Los Angeles a world design capital?
Poketo: Undoubtedly! From the Neutra-dotted hills of Silverlake to the industrial live/work studio spaces downtown, Los Angeles has been and continues to be a place for artists, designers, and other creatives to execute ideas. If the amount of significant architects that have left their marks on the city isn’t reason enough to call it a design capital, then the overwhelming number of young artists and designers working in Los Angeles and receiving international recognition has to be.

LADF: What, if anything, defines “Los Angeles” design?
Los Angeles design often mimics, incorporates, or is built to enhance the natural landscape. The use of raw materials, pops of brilliant colors, and an emphasis on flow from interior to exterior. Heavily cast shadows, angular lines, the juxtaposition of modernist architecture with the abundant flora of Southern California.

LADF: Where do you see LA going?

As New York becomes a place that no longer supports creatives, more and more people have their eyes on LA, whether they are moving here or just talking about it. It is a very exciting time to be here as LA’s becoming the design capital of the United States. Obviously the influx of newcomers will create a change within the creative community but also within the infrastructure of Los Angeles as a whole, and it will be interesting to see that play out.

LADF: What would you like to see happen to make LA a better place for creative/design expression?
Poketo: Better public transportation so people can spend less time in their cars and more time making work!

Stop by Poketo at the Line this Friday, June 13th during Design Hooky East for special discounts at the Poketo shop, a tour of The Line with Sean Knibb, and cocktails by Roy Choi designed especially for the event. For more information and to RSVP click here.

photo credit Travis Jensen

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