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SPACETIME around the world

Some of our long time retail partners have generously given their walls to Poketo’s SPACETIME Wall Art. If you’ve been eyeing the wall art and want to see and buy in person, check it out! These stores not only have the wall art, but, a large collection of Poketo products.

In Austin and Houston, Domy is a progressive bookstore with a focus on limited edition books, periodicals, video, and product lines that concentrate on national and international contemporary art and culture.



Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. A favorite museum of ours personally, and probably one of the best shops in the museum realm. This pic was from a few years back, Bruce Mau had a huge show there and we were lucky enough to attend the opening party.


Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, MACBA. When we visited Barcelona for a show we had a couple years back, we of course visited the MACBA. The building designed by Richard Meier blew us away.




MiCA Contemporary Craft in Cincinnati is a fine craft gallery and design shop. Store founders Mike & Carolyn Deininger believe that art & great design should be part of everyday life. Same with Poketo! Supporting local artists and independent designers is the main focus of the MiCA stores, which means you’ll find items at MiCA that you won’t see anywhere else. Plus, Mike and Carolyn, the proprietors, are two of the sweetest people ever.


Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. We visited The Walker this year and love the public sculptures dotted all around the museum. Big supporters of Poketo, you can find some hard to find tees there that are sold out on our site!


Also in Minneapolis, Robot Love. A wonderful design store that carries limited edition designer toys, clothing, books, prints, and more. I love they way they’ve playfully placed the galaxies around their products. So fun!! Thanks Robotlove!



In New York? Visit Yoyamart in Greenwich Village and KidRobot in Soho. Two of our favorite stores ever. Below is a pic of Yoyamart… you can see Stefan, the proprietor, there in the background… the coolest guy ever. Trust me.


In Toronto? Visit Magic Pony! Kristen there recently opened up a new gallery called Narwhal doing tons of events and art shows.

If I haven’t listed you city, which is probably the case, go to, we’ll ship anywhere in the world in time for the holidays!

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