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Sonya Gallardo’s Guide to Mexico City

When Sonya Gallardo, the designer behind Highlow and Poketo’s assistant buyer, filled us in on her plans to visit Mexico City, we made her promise to come back with the insider lowdown. Read on for Sonya’s must-sees and dos, from the house of famous Mexican architect Luis Barragán to the best Torta Ahogada in town.

Sonya Gallardo: If I didn’t live in LA, I would consider living in Mexico City. There’s a real buzz there. You can sense that exciting things are happening, and they are! Here are five of the many amazing places I went to on my trip to Mexico City this summer.

Casa Luis Barragán

This was a dream come true. Casa Luis Barragán is the house architect Luis Barragán lived and died in. Visiting it provided an intimate look into his design ideals, collections of objects, and sense of humor. I got in trouble for taking this picture, but it was well worth it. Inspiration for days and days.

Romita Comedor

We found Romita Comedor after asking a cool looking D.F. couple where to find a good restaurant in Roma Norte, the colonia in Mexico City in which we were staying. It did not disappoint! Great for people watching and a nice meal, plus its amazing interior is complete with a view of the sky above. They make their Old Fashioned with mezcal instead of whiskey—so good!


Remember party buses? Okay, well this is similar, but way better. You gather your friends and you choose a gondola with a name of your liking, ie: Anita, Maria, Guadalupe, etc. When you get on, they give you a huge tub of iced beers and then row down a canal for however many hours you want. It’s touristy, but in the best possible way. You can get anything you want here; there are gondolas passing you offering to cook you a meal, sell you souvenirs, make you a michelada, or even serenade you Mariachi style—like, a mariachi will jump on your gondola and play for you. People are singing and dancing. It’s so FUN.

Cafe Zena

OMG, so much good food in Mexico City! This place was referred to us by our tour guide at Casa Luis Barragán. It’s in San Miguel Chapultepec, a colony in Mexico City that borders Chapultepec park, the biggest park in the city. It’s a small and contemporary space that holds art installations regularly. Order the Torta Ahogada. It’s crazy good.


The Temple of the Sun—need I say more? Climbing this beauty you are in complete awe and suddenly feel so connected to a people you never knew and a life nothing like our own.

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