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Soaring inspiration

We love the fall season and how the color of the leaves turn this time of the year. While the foliage turns brilliant shades of orange, reds and everything in between, we’re always looking to add a bit of something in our own wardrobe. We’ve found the best way was to introduce a few earrings and accessories that instantly change the feel of a simple outfit.

Lately, nature’s been our inspiration, so here are some great designs that were first sparked by the soaring beauty of birds.

We’re fascinated with little chevrons and these colorful earrings fit the bill, not only that its lovely color combination has us drooling. Made of responsibly farmed birch, these earrings are perfect for a sunny day or a cool night out.

The Plumage Necklace takes inspiration from a point of avian pride… its beautiful feathers. Infused with Native American boldness and Japanese simplicity, these necklaces go great with a simple top and inspires a confident demeanor.

Of course, we couldn’t just settle for either necklace or earrings. Sometimes, you just have to have a matching set. A longtime symbol for wisdom, this gorgeous owl pendant with earrings spruce up any autumn weather outfit. Don’t you love the little cloisonné detail on its tummy? The extra necklace length also lets you drape it dramatically.

Check out our latest additions on You might find something to light up your autumn wardrobe.

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