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Shoe Lust

I admit, I’ve got a thing for shoes. Who doesn’t though? I have no desire for anything with heels. Blahniks or Louboutins don’t interest me at all. I like men’s shoes. I love men’s shoes more than women’s shoes. The same goes for bags. I can’t stand most women’s bags. I don’t like metal buckles, tassles, and all the bells and whistles. I just want a practical bag with pockets with clean lines that are good looking and practical.

Have been seeing some great shoes I wish were for women. chronicles-never-black-5th-boots-2.jpg

How great are these? Chronicles of Never Black 5th Chapter Boot found via hypebeast

After seeing a friend wearing colorful sandals from Campers, I spent a good portion of yesterday(when I should’ve been working instead) salivating after these candy like men’s shoes for Spring/Summer 09 by Jaime Hayon which is part of Camper Together collection.

And more candy here
Reebok Freestyle Hi 2009 Spring/Summer found via Hypebeast.

So women’s shoemakers, listen up. Not all women want to kill themselves by wearing crazy ass heels so start making sensible and fun shoes!

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