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Remember, the world is our oyster…

You hear this quite a bit, but, what does it actually mean? Some google searches later, I got returns like, “the world’s riches are yours to leisurely pluck from the shell… a conceited proclamation of opportunity.” I also got more humble and adventurous interpretations like, “If you look in enough oysters, someday you will find a pearl. If you search and keep searching good things are bound to happen in your life. It is like telling someone that there are great things out in the world for you as long as you are willing to search for them. Do not wait for them to come to you, go out and find them.”

Of the two, I love the idea that if you keep searching, working, doing, exploring… you’ll find that pearl… the pearl being the personal satisfaction that comes from doing what you love.

one of the little ones...

When we started Poketo in 2003, it all began with an art show just for the fun of it. Our friends poured their love into this passion project, making our very first wallets that would be the highlight of the show. All we knew is that we wanted to throw an art show, have a good time, bring people together, and expose great artists. The wallets were a hit and that first show is what got us started on this path and allowed us to explore what “art for your everyday” means. Eight years later, we’ve been fortunate to work with over 200 international artists and designers, travel the world, and make awesome things with art that we (and you) are using everyday. This journey hasn’t been without its ups and downs. As expected, when you are building something from scratch, there is trial and error and when you learn from those experiences, that’s how you grow.

Here in Tomales Bay, the oyster is our world. Angie and I were hanging with my little brother and sister, eating, laughing, chilling, and just taking in the beauty of the bay. Here, we can leave the past, not think about the future, but, just be in the present. After all, as much as there is to discover, being in the now is really all we have. Cherishing the present, that’s life. After a few dozen oysters, we packed another dozen back down to LA for later. After all, the world is our oyster. :)

As we head into the final week of the year, we want to wish you guys the best holiday and hope it’s filled with joy, friends, family, food and whatever makes you happy. Cheers to 2011. Double cheers to exploring what’s to come in 2012.

Tomales Bay

gingerly cutting from the shell...

Oysters in Tomales Bay

little picnic

different color bags denote different varieties raised here...


our view in Tomales Bay

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