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Pringle of Scotland by David Shrigley and Ryan McGinley

While going through my twitter feeds(@poketo), I saw a tweet from Slate Magazine that said “Surprisingly entertaining animated video about a Scottish sweater company” so I clicked on the link.

It was an animation by the famed Scottish artist, David Shrigley commissioned by a company called Pringle of Scotland. Frankly, I didn’t know anything about this company before seeing the video but I soon found out a lot and I’ll tell you why and how shortly.


The drawing by David Shrigley is so fun and charming, the animation, and music, perfect. The tone of the narration is so funny and light. I laughed out loud multiple times during the animation.

After the watching the video, I needed to find out more about the company, Pringle of Scotland. It wasn’t a simple sweater company as the video hilariously portrayed. It was a really high-end fashion label from Scotland. Their site features a section called ” Ad Film” where you can see Ryan McGinley’s film featuring the artiest of actresses of all, Tilda Swinton. It’s actually a really beautiful film. It brought back memories from 2 years ago when we went to Glasgow to launch the Poketo Glasgow Series.

How smart is their marketing? Commissioning David Shrigley to do a funny and quirky animation in time for the Milan Fashion show is so unexpected. I really admire their vision and confidence in their brand to know that they can produce, on one hand a total avant-garde poetry of a film with Tilda Swinton, and on the other an antithesis to what they’re really about, almost a satirical portrayal of the snootiness of the fashion brand that they are. They are so confident in their brand that they can just have fun with it.

Oh and their clothes… ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!
Next time I’m at Barneys or Neiman Marcus, I’m so dropping major dough on one of those beautiful coats…
uhm…j/k ;)

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