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Poketo To Speak at the Wharton Women Business Conference!

Part of the reason we are on the East Coast is that Angie got a wonderful invitation to speak at the 2011 Wharton Women Business Conference! Who would have ever thought that after starting Poketo seven years ago, with no formal business training, only a dream and the gumption to follow it, she would be invited to be on a panel at one of the top business schools in the country. When she got the invitation, she asked, “are you sure you got the right person?” Angie will be in the company of high profile executives and entrepreneurs including the CEO of Victoria’s Secret, the COO of Campbell Soup Company, the founder of Crumbs Bakery, the founder of Feed Projects, and more. The theme of the conference is “Leadership: Transformed and Redefined,” highlights the accomplishments of women who have transformed and redefined female leadership across various industries.

We had dinner with a friend the other night, a friend we trust, a friend with tons of business experience… Angie told him that she never intended to start Poketo as a business (true), that she never wrote a business plan (true), that Poketo is what it is because she only did what she loved, what felt right, and that she didn’t know any different (true). Our friend enlightened us to something… Although Angie never went to business school and never wrote a business plan, Angie shared a couple of things in common with most entrepreneurs– not only the idea and the vision, but, more importantly she had and continues to have the courage to free fall into the unknown and the ability to build her parachute as she falls. Wow, what a cool way to view life really.

The conference is this Friday, February 4, 2011. Cheers to Angie, lets wish her luck! The conference is open to U Penn students and the public. Click here for info and click here to register.

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