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Poketo’s Guide to the Best Camping in the West

The best season for sleeping outside is upon us once again. If you enjoy chasing breath-taking views as much as we do, you’re probably planning your next road trip someplace new. As avid weekend explorers, our very own Angie and Ted shared with us some of their favorite spots to pitch a tent and enjoy the epic landscapes. Read on for their recommendations of the best in the west:

Yellowstone, Wyoming. Yellowstone is like being on another planet. Active volcanoes abound, the landscape is constantly shifting and changing. You might go one year and there is a dry hot spring and the next, it’s a hot oasis. The magic of this land is it’s ever changing landscape. As you tromp through grasslands, fumaroles steam from ground vents, mud bubbles up and pops, and hot spring geysers burst water sky high into the air. The hot springs are so inviting, you want to jump right in, until you realize the water is scalding hot.



Joshua Tree, California Desert. Only about 2-3 hours outside of LA, the California desert beckons. During spring, all the wild flowers come out, but, now during early summer, it’s an awesome time. It’s hot, but, not oppressive. Plus, we just love jumping on boulders and staring in awe at valleys of curvy, towering joshua trees.




Big Sur, California Coast. This is a place we want to getaway all of the time. We want to live here someday. Big sur is a place where ocean meets forest. Historically a progressive place, a hippie retreat that is unspoilt, but, also has the modern amenities like one of the best bakeries in the world and high end accommodations and spas. But, you wouldn’t think that they are there, it’s still such a quaint place. We camp, hike and adventure there a lot… but, we also go hot springing and retreat with yoga and mediation at Esalen. It’s the best of everything high and low.

Julia Pfeiffer Big Sur Falls

9 mile loop at Andrew Molera, Big Sur

Esalen... Big Sur

Bryce Canyon, Utah. Like layers and layers of dripping candle wax, that is what the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon are like. And when you are at the rim of the canyon, the hoodoos are as far as the eye can see. The walk around the rim is a nice little day hike, but, the best is when you go down into the canyon.

window to the world

did this with the navajo trail. it was perfect

bryce canyon

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