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Poketo People: Jennifer Young

At Poketo, it’s the people around us that help keep it real. Inspired by their great vibe, this new series puts the spotlight squarely on them, their aspirations and their brushes with the Poketo world. It’s also a great way to keep in touch, don’t you think? Yeah, we thought so too!

This week, we welcome to the Poketo spotlight, Jennifer Young of I Art U. Her posts (coupled with bright and airy photography) never fail to bring a smile to our face. For you readers out there, you might remember Jenn from her super cute Facebook wall post of her almost snagging our Poketo posters at Target last year.

We love hearing from Jenn, so without further ado, here she is:

Who are you in a nutshell?
A creator, a seeker of adventure and art, and a quiet soul who thrives in community.

Where do you call home?
San Luis Obispo, CA.

What wakes you up in the morning?
My husband. He’s so loud when he gets ready for work in the morning. Haha that, and light. The sun rises behind the hills just east of our home. It’s that same light that moves me to create and makes my art possible.

What keeps you up at night?
Blogs and inspiration anxiety!

How did you think to start I ART U?
I think it was inevitable. I needed some sort of outlet to share my passions and blogging was the answer!

What would you say are your top three posts?
I don’t really have a top 3, but I always enjoy posts where I get to share my own personal experiences…like spending time with and getting to know fellow creatives

being in the kitchen,

or visiting inspiring places.

Where do you find inspiration to blog?
From art and from the life that is captured in images that I find or create. I’m always moved and inspired to communicate what I see with my readers.

Has the well of inspiration ever run dry, what do you do to refresh it?
My well of inspiration runs dry quite often actually! Usually, the answer to this problem is: go outside! That, and surround myself with creative people and places.

You mentioned you didn’t focus on photography until you moved to San Luis Obispo. How did you get better at it? 
Asking people for help, learning from my mentors, and shooting, shooting, shooting! I still have so much to learn and that excites me!

Pivotal life lesson you’ve learned?
Pursue your passions.

Best day this year?
January 1st. I love new beginnings and it’s my wedding anniversary .
How did you first find out about Poketo?
If I recall correctly, I think it may have been from the amazing video Jeana Sohn created for the Poketo Target collaboration.

What’s been on your Poketo wishlist lately?
The Striped Fleece Backpack has been on my wish list for as long I can remember! If I owned it I could imagine people thinking it was glued to my back…

What’s been your favorite Poketo find?
I have a few goodies from Poketo and currently, my favorite is the Digest Your Life Planner. I love it! It helps me stay organized with my crazy schedule and I jot my never-ending to-do lists in it.

Find more of Jennifer Young at I Art U. See more of her photography here.

Know someone we should talk to for our next installment? Send us a quick note. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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