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Poketo Karaoke Dance Party off the hook!



Thanks to everyone that made it out to the first ever Poketo Karaoke Dance Party on Friday. For the hundreds of you there, you know it was magic… a night that can never be recreated-the cafe restaurant ran out of food, we emptied the bar, the dance floor was packed, and the shop was buzzing! We thought we’d have trouble getting all of you to sing, I was 100% wrong. By the end of the night, we still had over two hours worth of song slip requests that we couldn’t get to. Don’t worry, there will be another.

Eamon Ore-Giron of OJO

Bobby of Kitsune Noir and Carly of Carlylovesyu

Gregory and Emily of Apartment Therapy

Angie and Kozy, minus Dan

Raina Lee and Dan, minus Kozy.

Bobby was crowned the “Poketo Karaoke Idol Champion”. He was brave enough to sing Ella Fitgerald’s “Summertime”… and rocked it!

Check out all of the pics at Poketo’s Flickr

Big thanks to Raina Lee for signing her awesome book, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and all of our awesome judges from Apartment Therapy, Coolhunting, Kitsune Noir, Flux, Flavor Pill, Studio Number One, Carolineoncrack, and Carlylovesyu and OJO, Kozyndan, and Beautiful/Decay. You guys rooooocked!!!!

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