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No cable, no worries… Photojojo and wifi

Let me start by saying, I subscribe to photojojo’s time capsule. It’s a twice monthly email that sends you pictures from your flickr that you uploaded a year ago to the day. Essentially, a little time capsule with photos and events that you posted last year. I love it, a really great reminder of things you did, who you were with, where you were, and what was going on in your life at the time. Here is what was going on with us last year at this time…experimental, Sunday dinners…. we were invited to be on the jury of the American Illustration Annual…. we were preparing to release these awesome Poketo goodies from Pietari Posti, Ashkahn, and Leah Chun.

Now, to look back, we don’t make dinner as much as we used to. The results of being busy and not having enough time… and well, we did get cable tv in the last year and our Sundays have changed… for the better, except for the end of Sunday dinners. The American Illustration Annual is now out and it looks great!! We just got our copies last week. Cover art by Ted McGrath, along with illustrations of the jurors… yes, Ang and I are drawn in Ted’s style and it is quite amusing.

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned not having my camera to USB cable which led to not being able to download photos to my computer and computer to flickr and flickr to blog. Boo. Amit at photojojo has this really great solution. Basically, a memory card and wifi built in. It can automatically upload to your computer, blog, flickr, facebook, and even geotag locations. I want to test this out. The reason I don’t upload Iphone pics is mostly due to quality… plus, this would have solved my missing cable dilemma.

These pics here, taken some time ago in Tokyo. That’s artist Miki Amano. I would have had no problem uploading photos there… like, right there!

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