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New York, New York!!

Sing it like Sinatra. But, this is 2009 and New York might sound a little different…


Yes, Prius taxis. That’s good. I wonder if the driver is crazy in this car. I can imagine it being pretty dangerous to have Prius in the city…. you can’t hear them and you know how everyone just walks and doesn’t really look…. like Angie here, navigating on her phone.


You end up looking down the whole time, watching the blinking dot, making sure we’re going the right way.


Nowadays, in this crazy time, everyone is feeling the heat and prices are down, down, down…Seems like the whole city is on sale… or at least retail stores. Every store had crazy 50-70 percent discounts. Still, that shirt from Paul Smith will set you back some. But, quality is quality and that means Camper for us.


Ang got this killer pair. On sale at that.

Basically, we go to NYC twice a year and we shop for clothes twice a year. Like kids in a candystore, it’s our shopping for the year at Uniqlo that I look forward to. Things actually fit me there… the pair of jeans, they actually hem for you that day. That’s service done right!


Here are some great tees I found there, a collaboration by UK artist Marcus Oakley. Every shirt I was pulling out that I liked happened to be his…. so, now you know one of the styles I personally love. I looooved these drawings.


And of course, who doesn’t like the Uniqlock?

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