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New Release: Exclusive Poketo Design Notebooks

What makes good stationery?

We’ve been involved with this question for the past ten years. Here’s what we’ve found: stationery should be durable and should feel uniquely yours. We’ve created a new line of specially-designed Poketo Design Notebooks based on everything we think a perfect notebook needs.

A notebook needs to last however long it takes for you to fill the pages, especially if it’s going to follow you through your daily adventures. That’s why with our Poketo Design Notebooks have liquid resistant covers. Your sacred notes & doodles will be safe from any surprise spills or unexpected elements. We’ve also made these notebooks with a stitch binding so you can fold it over without any worry of damaging the spine.

The Poketo Design Notebook comes with four unique covers so you can feel like your notebook is truly yours. Whether you’re playful, sophisticated, or playfully sophisticated, your notebook cover should reflect your own taste. After all, you carry it with you everywhere you go.

- Rock Garden Notebook: Inspired from the organic shapes and nuanced colors found in nature.

- Things Notebook: With a graphic cover image on both sides inspired by the spontaneous process of note-taking. The pages are blank so if your mind works anything like this notebook’s cover, it’s perfect for you.

- Reef Notebook: This design involves stacking lines forming fluid shapes inspired by the colors of the beach and motion of the sea.

- Swimming Pools Notebook: Inspired by the work of David Hockney and Los Angeles culture in the ’60s.

Don’t worry, we’re just getting started.

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