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NEW Joyriders T’s: Interview with APAK

The too-cute-for-words duo of APAK (Aaron + Ayumi) have done it again with their new “Joyriders” t-shirt. We’ve worked with them in the past when they did a pop-up shop at Royal/T gallery in ’09, and they continue to keep the magic alive with their work. See what APAK‘s been up to since our last interview!


Tell us a little bit about your t-shirt design.
Joyriders” was originally made for one of Ayumi’s friendship greeting card collection. It’s our hope to communicate teamwork, harmony, and love and also encourage eco-friendly bike riding!


Photo via APAK

Favorite song to karaoke to
Aaron – Daisy Bell
Ayumi – Natsumatsuri by JITTERIN’JINN

Any projects you have coming up in the near future?
A Kids book! We have a story and the pages layed out already but just need to find time and make it happen. We’re really excited about it!

leaf mask

Photo via APAK

Were there any art projects you can remember from your childhood that you were extremely proud of?
Aaron – got in trouble for drawing boobs in Kindergarten.
Ayumi – a portrait of my mom for Mother’s Day when I was 5 or 6 years old. I remember I was putting so much energy and love in the piece.


Photo via APAK


Photo via APAK

(For Aaron) Ayumi is better at _____ than me.
Ayumi is better at cooking tasty treats than me.

(For Ayumi) Aaron is better at _____ than me.
Aaron is better at watering house plants than me.


Photo via APAK

Biggest risk you’ve taken with your art?
Collaborating together!

Ayumi, fondest memory of your childhood in Japan.
I really enjoyed making Yomogi (Artemisia princeps) Mochi filled with red bean paste with my grandmother every spring.  We’d walk around in the neighborhood and pick the young Yomogi grass. Then sit on the floor in the kitchen and grind up the grass and mix it with cooked mochi, and wrap it around a ball of red beans. It’s the best when it’s fresh because you can smell the scent of young yomogi leafs and also the mochi is very soft. That’s how we celebrated the arrival of Spring back home.

First art piece you saw that you were affected by?
Aaron – Works by MC Escher and Magritte maybe.
Ayumi – Paul Gauguin’s “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?”


Photo via APAK

Most rewarding memory of your careers as artists?
There are so many rewarding memories as artists and it’s hard to name one as the best… But when a fan of ours told us that our work makes him smile every time he sees our painting hanging in his apartment in the morning and evening after work made us feel good. It’s rewarding to know our work is affecting people in a positive way on an everyday basis.

ocho p-nut

Ocho and P-Nut! Photo via APAK

Thanks for this interview Aaron and Ayumi!

To purchase “Joyriders” visit our shop here.

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