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Nature’s inspirations

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. What? You haven’t noticed? Then, you should definitely should stop what you’re doing right now and enjoy a walk outside. Nature is a great source of inspiration. It may even provide a possible solution to that project you’ve been working on right now.

At the shop, we found this delicate jewelry line that certainly benefits from a little of Mother Nature’s nudging.

The Peltate necklace and earrings echo the way stems attach in lily pads and gingko leaves–from the center rather than the edge. Look closely and you see that the leaf’s veins radiate from the center and fork repeatedly to produce a tree-like pattern like so:

An actual lily pad. Photo by: F. Tronchin

The Perlin necklace is composed of three leaves, each with a different pattern. The next time you’re out, take a second look at the leaves around you. They’re like fingerprints that never quite repeat.

Can you see how this leaf’s veins are different from the necklace’s?

An actual leaf, for those who need a refresher. (We do too!) Photo by: epSos

The Full Moon necklace reminds us of the Moon, but its inspiration is really much closer to home. Can you see the connection?

Corals in Molokini Islet in Maui. Photo by: Jared Kelly

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