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NASA’s Artistic Take on Space

buzz aldrin 1969
“Buzz” Aldrin-1969

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we never really take the time to realize the quiet and powerful beauty of the universe we live in. Nasa Images recently came out with a digital archive of their space images taken from the past 50 years and made it available for the the public to see, and share with others.

Keplers Supernova Remnant
Kepler’s Supernova Remnant

Mountains of Creation
“Mountains of Creation”– Where stars are created.

As an attempt to make space exploration and all of its esoteric mysteries a topic of real collaborative discussion here on Earth, Nasa created the “Guest Showcase” series, where various authorities in the fields of art, science, entertainment, business and academia curate exhibitions. The first was Pasadena Art Center’s Art Director, Stephen Nowlin who created a video titled, Things That Float. So sit back and relax with a glass of a fine red:

Funny thing is when scrolling down the list of names, all these potential ideas for awesome screen names or pseudonyms came to mind. These NASA guys really thought about the captions for some of these images! My favorite? The Sombrero Galaxy. teehee Don’t judge me, but I also tried looking up “alien” in the search box. A crap shoot, but secretly hoping…

The Sombrero Galaxy

All images from Nasa Images

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