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Monster Rally, “Orchids”

Monster Rally is the musical project of Los Angeles-based artist and musician Ted Feighan. Ted crafts tracks by sampling from his collection of records that span the genres of Hip-hop, Exotica, Tropicalia, and Soul, and with his latest release, Return to Paradise, Ted drew samples from as far as Peru, Japan, Detroit, and Barcelona. The result is a sort of exotic pop that is just oh so pleasant—you can’t help but bob your head a bit.

Not only is Ted one of our favorite beat makers in LA, he is also a talented collagist (he makes his own album covers) and just published two zines on his recently launched press label, Valley Cruise.

On April 5th, the Poketo flagship will be opening Alley-Oop II, a collaborative exhibition by artists Will Bryant and Eric Trine, and Monster Rally will be providing the music for the after party at The Line Hotel. More info on that coming soon!

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