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Mid Century Shopping Spree

It’s that time of year again, the annual Modernica factory sale. We go every year and it pretty much kills us. It seems most of LA is there too. Modernica gets us all excited about reductions of up to 80% and putting everyone there in a frenzy of buying. All logic is suspended and we say things like, “That would be cute in the living room” or “Perfect for the bedroom” or “A $500 coffee table, originally a $1000, not bad”. We forget to ask, “Do I really need a bubble lamp in my bedroom?” or “Do I actually want to spend $500 on that coffee table?”

When you are there, it’s all fun-music is blaring, drinks are being served, food trucks abound, you see friends you haven’t seen in a while, chatting for just a minute as everyone has their game face on. You can’t help it, when you see the candy colored fiberglass chairs… you just want to buy them all.

If you so dare, The Modernica factory sale happens this weekend. We warned you.

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