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Master Planning: How to Use Our Project and Concept Planners

Our Next Page planners are bestselling for a reason: they really work. We designed our Project Planner and Concept Planner to act as blueprints for your projects and your life—to give you simple and strategic tools that will help turn your goals into reality.

Keep reading to see some of the ways we like to use each planner. Since they’re so versatile, we encourage you to get creative with how you use yours. We'd love to see what you come up with, so share the inside of your planner with us on Instagram @poketo!

The Project Planner

You can now use our powerful project management tool to map, organize, and finish over 100 projects. It still features Smyth Sewn binding that lies flat when open and a durable, fabric-like cover with elastic band to hold everything together.

The Project Plan is the heart of this planner. It guides you to break down projects into manageable tasks, set timelines, and then shade in boxes to visually track your progress. (Our gradient markers are great for shading.) There's also room for notes to record what you've learned and to celebrate your success. 

 The Yearly Plan at the front of the Project Planner is also a powerful visual tool that will help you see the big picture over the next twelve months.

The open-dated Monthly Plan lets you zoom in a bit, as well as write your goals for the month to keep you on track. 

The Weekly Plan is also open-dated, so if you skip a week you can just pick up where you left off without worrying about wasting space. There’s a designated place for writing weekly goals, as well as boxes and timestamps for appointments and tasks on each day.


We’ve added a new Process Notes section to jot down ideas, meeting points, to-dos & more. It’s a great place to collect pieces of info that you know you’ll need, but aren’t sure where to put them yet.

In the back of the planner is a section of lined pages for more notes and ideas, because we know you've got a lot of them.

The Concept Planner

Our flexible and goal-oriented everyday planning solution also features Smyth Sewn binding and a fabric-like cover. Inside it has our signature open-dated sections let you start planning anytime, skip a week, and pick right back up again.

The Weekly Plan has designated space for goals and ideas to help guide your week. There are boxes and timestamps for appointments and tasks, and plenty of room for notes and sketches on the side.

The Monthly Plan also has space to write goals, and is perfect for marking important events throughout each month.

We highly recommend color-coding the Yearly Plan. Not only does it give you a nice visual, it also helps to organize your entire year at a glance.

Just like in the Project Planner, there's a section of lined pages for more notes and ideas in the back. And in the front of each is a place where you can write project goals or goals for your year, to help guide you to where you want to be. 

Let us know how you're using your Next Page planners—we can't wait to be inspired by you!

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