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Maslo Makes It Personal

By Calvin Berry

Since 2003, Maslo Jewelry-founder Nicole Maslowski has been committed to creating uniquely gorgeous statement jewelry. With an eye for classic, minimalist design, she crafts each piece by hand, a model for the kind of careful, small-batch approach to production that we at Poketo love so much. Her small studio is cozy and welcoming, often times with a friendly canine visitor or two lounging around the boxes of beads and copper tubing (an avid supporter of pet adoption, Maslo donates 5% of their sales to Pets for Vets). The personal nature of her process helps lend her work a natural quality that adds to the beautiful simplicity of her oeuvre. We were able to reach out to her about inspiration, her recent Poketo exclusive and her hands-on method of jewelry making.

You make all of your jewelry by hand–what do you like the most about that process?
Well, I like the process of working with my hands to create something tangible. I’m probably a bit OCD, because I like that I’m in control of every aspect of my ideas and designs. Oh, and seeing as I have all sorts of tools, beads, and tubing, I get to buy tons of cool organizational pieces for the studio, so that I can neatly put everything in it’s place of course. And being able to watch all the Netflix I want while I work is a bonus, too.

What are some of your favorite materials to work with, and why?
Maslo began from getting creative with a 20-foot roll of copper tubing. I started with hand-bending and hand-cutting the copper pieces into shapes, and these designs took off. People loved them, so I started to experiment with more colors and options. Like a kid in a candy store, I entered into the amazing world of metal plating and powder coating! The options seem to be endless. I like working with copper because of the flexibility of the material and I often incorporate wooden and vintage beads into my designs and love being able to experiment with different paint colors.

What was some of the inspiration behind the piece you made for Poketo?
Poketo to me is very classy, but also a bit playful so I wanted to reflect that. I also wanted the design to be a good marriage of our two brands. Luckily I found this great vintage bead, and by combining that with some elements from my newest line, I ended up with this unique OOAK piece.

What was your goal in creating Maslo?
I gravitate towards minimal, organic and simplistic design in all aspects of my life. I searched high and low for jewelry that fit this criteria and didn’t see anything that knocked my socks off. So what happened when I didn’t see what I wanted? I created it.

You can find Maslo’s exclusive piece for Poketo here.

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