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Local Natives play a dream show at Disney Hall

The acoustics don’t get much better than the Disney Concert Hall. Los Angeles’ Local Natives were incredible last night, backed in the first half by a quartet and the last half of the show by the LA philharmonic… for the first time I’ve seen there, everyone was out of their seats and up on their feet.

I love the humble beginnings of the band, singer Taylor Rice mentioned last night that this was a dream to play at the Disney Hall, having taken a tour of the concert hall years ago with his architecture class when he was a student at UCLA, he was blown away by the hall’s sound and beauty. The band took a huge leap, moving in together in a house in Silver Lake and focused full time on the band and recording. Only two and half years later, they are playing here with tons of love and support, a show that sold out in less than an hour.

On stage, you can just tell that they were a truly genuine group of friends, having fun, making music, thankful for this experience… I love when you see bands truly stoked, feeding off their fans, loving what they are doing… it makes the music that much better.

Across the street, MOCA. In April, the MOCA, Geffen Contemporary is presenting a Street Art retrospective. That is sure to get a lot of talk.

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