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Light Inspiration

By Calvin Berry
Photography by Emily McDonald

Toward the end of the year, the days get a little chillier and the nights get longer. The light that fills summer days loses its ubiquity and begins to take on a more special meaning. The fall and winter months become defined by light: the glowing candles that light our tables and windows, the dazzling decorations we put up in our homes, these things celebrate light as something precious and beautiful. By designing the Prism collection, Poketo is joining the celebration, with a mesmerizing set of stationery and desk supplies that catch the light and bring its captivating beauty to the workplace.


“The inspiration for this collection really comes from the natural effects of light and its ability to create a sense of brightness and movement of colors,” notes our designer Ly Tran. “It’s the source that innately brings that glowing warmth into our lives every day.” The relationship between light and color is intrinsic–passing through a prism, light divides into its composite colors, illuminating the space it’s in with a rainbow array. It’s a part of our everyday life that belies a vibrancy and festivity that’s always present, if hidden at times.


For our lookbook, our photographer Emily McDonald wanted to bring out these hidden qualities, distilling the essence of what Prism is about: “the goal was to explore the boundaries of light, shadow, reflection and refraction, and present them through the new product line for Poketo,” she explains, exploring the role of the camera as a tool for capturing light: “the definition of photography is literally writing with light – this shoot really embraces that idea and celebrates it.”

As the days get darker, our relationship with light experiences a distinct shift. It becomes something we both come to need more dearly, as well as something we celebrate. This spirit of having fun and being playful with something that’s such a necessity is at the center of the collection. As Ly explains, “we often want things but don’t necessarily need them, so I think it’s important that we need the things we want. It’s these fun little commodities that make our lives more enjoyable every day.”

You can explore the Prism lookbook here, and go shop the collection directly at our website.

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