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Interview with The Invisible Cities. In-store performance at Origami Vinyl this Saturday, Sept. 19th!

We are pleased to introduce to you The Invisible Cities on their “Follow Your Whim” tour. Poketo will present them with Goh Nakamura this Saturday for a free in-store performance at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park. Tell your peeps and make it out!

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Hello! Please introduce yourselves and the band.

The band is built around the core of Sadie and Han, who write and sing the songs. Who is actually *IN* the invisible cities really depends on who’s around at the moment — the key players, however, are: Gary Wang (Han’s brother), Goh Nakamura, Tim Bulkley, and Wil Hendricks. Since Gary and Tim live in NYC, and the rest of us in the Bay Area, just getting everyone in the same room at the same time is extremely challenging.

So Han and Sadie. You guys met on Craigslist. Who put up the add, and how many people did you have to go through to find the right person?

So Craigslist: Sadie put the ad up. She was looking for a guitarist to accompany her at a final recital for a songwriting class she’d be taking. I think the CL listing was something like — wait, I might even still have the posting title somewhere –

Yes! It read, “Guitar / Bass / Backup Vox for Alt Pop / Folk” — that was in June 2001. Sadly, I no longer have the actual listing.

Anyway, I wasn’t very interested in being her accompaniest (as Sadie likes to recall), but I did like the song snippets she’d posted online for people to listen to, so I wrote her back and we started working on songs. I’d already spent months going on a lot of mediocre-to-horrible first music “dates” with bands and individuals — I probably met up with at least 12 different people, so I was super happy to have found something that worked.

When you guys make a song, how do you balance your ideas and decide on what go with ?

As opposed to many other bands that we know (and love!), there tends to be no dictator in the Cities, and so we come to decisions via some sort of fuzzy consensus building. Some of the songs from our latest album (Houses Shine Like Teeth) went through maybe a half dozen incarnations before we ended up with the final version. It’s possible that this is not the most time-efficient way to make records. We’d like the next recording to be a much faster affair — Houses took us over 3 years to complete!

Best song of all time.

I’ll have you know that I just deleted two paragraphs of disclaimers, caveats, and attempts to weasel out of this question. To hell with it: the best song of all time is Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Last word/plug?

Brisket. Extra moist.



Night out in Echo Park with Poketo and Origami Vinyl

Saturday, September 19th
7 PM Free In-store performance at Origami Vinyl
After party at El Prado

Origami Vinyl
1816 W. Sunset Blvd.
Echo Park, CA

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