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Interview: Fleur Harris’ “Terror in Tathra”


Hi Fleur! It was so awesome to meet you in Melbourne!! Your striking blonde hair was just like your Poketo wallet you did for us. Tell us a little about the wallet. What is “Terror in Tathra?”

Tathra is a country town in New South Wales, I had driven up their for my friends wedding. It was supposed to be a great weekend of fun and festivity, but the person I was traveling with flipped out. Amongst other things, he tried to set my suitcase on fire. My friend and were joking about how it would make a good horror movie and that “Terror in Tathra” would be the title, this was the beginning of my idea for the wallet. I wanted it to have the feel of a vintage movie poster. I’m really happy with the finished product and my family and friends that know that story behind it especially enjoy it too.


Thank goodness you can have a little laugh about it now! Tell us a bit the life there, what’s a day like for you?

I work on my artwork and design related projects from the morning until late at night and spend most of this time on my own and I absolutely adore being able to choose how I spend my day, especially compared to the craziness of my other job!


I know you do art, but, you are also an educator. How did you get involved in teaching? I used to teach as well, and it’s definitely a labor of love. Tell us about what you do…. Anything you’ve learned from your students or teaching them about making art that has affected the way you work? Some of your work has an innocent, child like quality to them I wonder if there is any influence from being around kids making art for arts sake.

I teach Art, Photography and Visual Communication Design part time at Secondary level. I love it. I also teach illustration at the Heidelberg Museum of Modern Art to young students and I also tutor privately. The students are awesome, they have such great personalities and the work that some of them produce is jaw droppingly cool. I rarely have discipline issues with them, so we spend most of the time making art and exploring new mediums and looking at great work by old and new artists. I love being able to share my passion with them and they respond with such enthusiasm that it’s a really inspiring experience. I admire teachers that work full time, I don’t know if I could hack it as you need to give so much in order to do a good job of it and I don’t know how I would balance my studio time with teaching full time. My situation right now is totally rad.


Any upcoming shows or projects you want to talk about? I know you have a show at Curtin House coming up. Seems like it’s art and crafts… which you do too! Your plush are crazy!

I always have little projects on the go, the one I am currently most looking forward to is my solo exhibition coming up on the 6th December on the roof of the famous Curtain House building in the CBD. It’s a showcase of my new series of papercuts titled “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. I have worked so hard preparing this body of work, so we are kicking it off with a big day party incorporating all sorts of crazy stuff and I am so excited for it! The details for this show can be seen in the ‘shows’ section of my website

Check out Fleur’s 1950′s film inspired Poketo wallet here!

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